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The OurFamilyWizard Journal is a space for you to keep notes and document locations. There are two functions within the OurFamilyWizard Journal: Check-Ins and Moments.  Check-Ins and Moments are built to help you archive important details and co-parenting insights as well as tag locations related to each entry. However, Check-Ins and Moments will be used for separate purposes. Review the FAQs and other tutorials below to learn how these tools in the OurFamilyWizard Journal work.


Journal FAQs

Get familiar with the OurFamilyWizard journal tools with these frequently asked questions.

What's the difference between a Check-In and a Moment?

  • Check-Ins allow you to document your precise location in a particular moment. You can also keep notes and upload photos to each Check-In. This tool is perfect for confirming parenting time exchanges and verify your presence at other important events. 

    Moments allow you to write notes, upload photos, and tag a location related to your entry. Unlike Check-Ins, Moments let you tag any location to your entry. 

When sharing a Check-In or Moment, what does it mean that shared entries will be viewable to any of my connected practitioners?

  • As you create a new Check-In or Moment, it will default to be private which means it is only viewable to you. When you share your entry, it will default to allow any practitioners connected to your account to have access to view it. If you aren't linked to any practitioners on OurFamilyWizard, your entry will only be shared with any of the individuals you select from the list below. This may include your co-parent, children, and third-parties linked to your account.

If I mark one journal as private, will all of my journals be private?

  • No. Each Check-In and Moment has its own privacy setting, so you can keep certain entries private and share other entries as you see fit.

Why did the app request access to my location when I created a Check-in and/or Moment? 

  • When the OurFamilyWizard Journal was expanded to include Check-ins and Moments, additional permission settings were added in order to enable certain features on the mobile app. Check-ins allow you to create a GPS-verified log of your presence at important locations, and they only allow you to share a location within 500 feet from your actual location at that time. In order to make sure that the shared location you selected is within 500 feet, the app needs to access your location at the time you create this entry. 

    You'll need to turn on location access to create Check-ins. You can create Moments without location access turned on; however, in order to tag a location to a Moment, you must have location services turned on. When location access is turned on, the app will only access your location as you are creating a Check-in or tagging a location to a Moment. 



When you want to document your exact location at a particular moment, you'll want to use Check-Ins. 

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With Moments, you can record make notes that you tag with a location and add attachments. 

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Filters & Search

Quickly organize and locate specific Check-Ins and Moments using the filters and search functions.

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